Planning for College

For those of you who are thinking that college may lie somewhere in the future for your kids, this article from Gifted Challenges provides some great advice.

Some of it is not quite so relevant to us as homeschoolers, but then much of it still is or could be if we choose to integrate it into what we do at home.  I also don’t think that it hurts to be aware of the standard route to college, so we can more carefully consider where we may want to vary things up when they are applying as homeschoolers.

For those of you who are American citizens, I suspect that the information on the PSATs and the National Merit Finalists scheme is very much worth paying attention to.  Sadly not relevant for us, but then Connor currently has his heart set on Cambridge or Oxford anyway, but we still like to keep our options open for U.S. colleges as he may well change his mind later, particularly as more of his cousins from Korea head there for college.

Hopefully a useful resource for those of you planning ahead. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Planning for College

    • Yes – the realistic expectations one is so important. I also really connect with the Find Your Passion bit. I see so many students here in Taiwan, Korea, Japan whose parents spend enormous amounts of money (USD$10k+ per time) sending them to Mongolia to plant trees, or to Cambodia to build a school etc. All worthwhile things, but not when they are not connected to a student’s passion.


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