Blogs I Follow

Below are some of the blogs that I actively follow and really look forward to reading their posts.

These are blogs that I think have something more to offer than simply a recitation of that day’s activities (not that those types of blogs do not also have value).  Even when they are talking about that days activities, it is nearly always linked to something deeper than just a recitation and so I enjoy the way that they make me think about my own approach and beliefs.

There are many other blogs that I follow, and that I often enjoy, but what I have tried to list here (and will continue adding to) are blogs that consistently make me feel something and challenge or affirm my beliefs about homeschooling.


As the name suggests, this blog is based in South Africa.  Without exception I have found the posts to be thoughtful, insightful and warmly human.  A very articulate and intelligent approach to the whole homeschooling experience that always make me think.  (I am also hugely envious of her very approachable, but incredibly intimate, writing style).

Anam Baile (Spirit Home)

This blog lives up to its claims of some ‘Jane Austen whimsy’.  I have always enjoyed Jane Austen’s writings for the beautiful writing style, obvious intelligence and her ability to make you believe in and understand her characters (even if I do not always like them!). Anam Baile has brought this writing approach to the world of homeschooling and it makes reading her very well structured thoughts on the whole homeschooling experience an absolute delight.

HideAway Farm

I like this blog not just because the name is evocative of a place that I would one-day like to live.  I tend to like pretty meaty posts and the occasional radical thought.  I really liked the thought and care that went into one of the first posts that I read here about doing away with High School entirely.  It is a pretty out-there idea, but I really enjoyed the obvious passion and care that went into the post.  The other posts and thoughts here have equally been crafted with knowledge, passion and care and I really like and respect that. The blog is not entirely focused on homeschooling – like many blogs – and if you are also into quilting and other crafts then you will enjoy the other posts here also.

Ivy League Homeschooling

As the name says, this is a site dedicated to creating the best education possible, off the base of homeschooling.  The depth of resources on the site is quite extraordinary and if you also believe that homeschooling can provide an education that is vastly superior to that of most schools, then this is an excellent site for you.  And no, it is not at all elitist in tone, and a lot of the blogs are very approachable and simply cover that days activities, thoughts on materials used etc.  Joy is clearly a lady who cares deeply about the education of her children, and for me this is fantastic to read about.

Sadly Joy no longer blogs, however all of the prior articles remain as a fantastic resource.

Gifted Challenges

The author of this blog is a clinical psychologist and gifted education advocate.  She writes in a very candid and professional fashion about the challenges that parents of gifted kids can face (together with other gifted-related issues).  There are many blogs and books etc about the challenges that gifted children can face, I have found though that there are not many places that a parent of a gifted child can go to find discussion of the issues that we face.  People are often extremely negative towards parents who mention that their children are gifted (my wife actually refuses to mention it, going so far as to lie about it if asked outright) – it is seen as bragging, arrogant, elitist etc etc etc.  If you have experienced this, then this is a blog for you.

There’s No Place Like Home

Homeschooling eleven kids! And it shows in the advice, humour and the degree of commonsense that just permeates through this blog.  Posts are a whole mix of curriculum discussion, parenting, practical homeschooling advice and just discussion of the stuff that people homeschooling deal with.  Pretty good stuff all written in a really straightforward and appealing way.  I enjoy reading many of the posts that Shelly writes here and often feel like I benefit from the far greater experience that she has in homeschooling than my complete novice status (newbie status, as my son would say).

Teller Gaming

Of course this one is on my list of favourite blogs!  This is Connor’s personal corner of the world where he writes some book reviews, gaming reviews and playthroughs and whatever else takes his fancy.


BlokeSchool is where Dave, another Australian father who is heavily involved in his kid’s homeschooling, writes about all things homeschooling.  Dave has two younger children and talks about not just homeschooling in general, but also some of the activities that they undertake.  Dave and his children are quite visual learners and even though the activities are too young to be relevant for us, I often still find them fascinating.  Dave is a smart and loving father and I always enjoy every post.


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