On this page we will be adding projects that we are currently working on, and have worked on in the past.

If you have a child who might enjoy working through any project we are currently working on with us, then please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we can work out how to get in touch; Skype, Google+, email etc.  We are very happy to engage as much, or as little as you and your child may like.  Connor is fluent in English, Korean and Chinese if you would like to use a language other than English.  We would be equally happy to discuss joining a project that you may be currently working on.

The questions, essays and projects that we decide to do are normally linked to things that Connor is working on at the moment and that interest him.  We try to keep these assignments as cornerstone items in his learning for particular areas and we expect them to be done to quite high standards – but also to be a fun and challenging learning experience.

Current Project(s)

Pride & Prejudice

Type: Essay based on a book (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)

Due: April 4th 2014 at 4pm

Length: Minimum 1500 words (Max of 2500)

Topic: “Explore the developing relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. How do they misunderstand each other, and when do they reach accord?”

Why: Pride and Prejudice is a classic for a reason.  It is beautifully written and incredibly insightful when looking at characters.  It is also the kind of book that would not normally make it onto Connor’s reading list.  Connor is a prolific reader, however it is usually only in a couple of genres.  I am not expecting him to add romance novels to his standard roster of reading material (unless he would like to!), however I do think that sometimes reading outside your normal genre(s) can serve to expand your mind.  This particular project is not totally a child-led one!  Connor was however keen to move this up the project schedule so that he could apply some of what he learned from the Ender’s Game project to this exercise.
Future Projects

Viking (Norse) Mythology

Type: Video presentation

Due: –

Output: 30+ Minutes of MOOC-style video-based instruction

Topic: Viking (Norse) Mythology

Why: Connor has an intense interest in this mythology, which has been sparked by books such as the Iron Druid Chronicles, the Brotherband Chronicles and Lord of the Rings, to name just a handful.  There is very little content out there on this area and so we thought that it would be interesting to create some of our own and also interesting to learn some of what is involved, by way of planning, execution and technology used to create MOOC style video content.

What Makes for a Successful YouTuber?

Type: Whatever medium is best for answering this question – it may be written, video, audio or some combination or something else altogether.

Due: –

Output: Anything that clearly explains the topic and it’s answer.

Topic: “What makes for a successful YouTuber?”

Why: Connor watches a LOT of YouTube – it is his primary source for MineCraft information, inspiration and entertainment.  Beyond MineCraft he also watches a few other channels.  He has spoken several times about starting his own MineCraft channel, so we thought that it might be interesting to research what makes for success on YouTube – what combination of activities can lead to this success?
Past Projects
Ender’s Game

Type: Essay based on a book (Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card)

Due: Friday 14th February 2014 at 4pm – Extended after discussion to the 28th.

Length: Minimum 3000 words (Max of 3500)

Topic: “Explain what Ender learned at Battle School about himself, about leadership, and about friendship. Examine the role of his teachers, his fellow students – both friends and enemies – and the nature and purpose of the battle games.”

Why: Connor has just finished reading the Ender’s Game series for fun, after going to see the movie.  Additionally we are currently studying ‘Was Alexander Great’ on EDx which discusses Alexander and his leadership style.  Connor is also keen to work on improving his writing style and we are all keen to work on his critical reading and his ability to form structured written arguments.
Final version of essay here: Ender Final
After some discussion this was graded as a B+.  It is Connor’s first effort at writing a significant essay, with most school projects to date being things like a half page diary entry, creative writing story or similar.  It is a very good first effort, however there are significant issues with the structure and the conclusion totally fails to draw together the elements properly.  We have had significant discussions on the issues (and also on the many good things about it) and we are all sure that there will be significant improvement in future efforts.

4 thoughts on “Projects

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  2. for: what makes a successful YouTuber… It’s not easy. it takes A LOT of work (as I’ve learned myself with my own youtube). you need to be VERY social during your first videos, like telling people about your videos, posting them on social websites like: FaceBook, Youtube… Etc. And you start with nothing. you need to build your way up! if people like your videos then they might SUBSCRIBE!!!! another way for people to notice your videos is to have a LOT of them. once you have a lot then you’ll start getting featured in the bottom sections of videos (where you can pick another video somewhat related to the video you watched). ANOTHER way to get people to notice you is to have a lot of likes, subscribers, or rates/comments/shares!
    you also cant be BORING. you cant be slouching around babbling random words out of your mouth. you need to be active in your videos. you also have to be active POSTING videos. if you post one video a year nobodys going to stay subscribed. if you watch a YouTuber called CaptainSparkles and you sub and see how many videos he posts a DAY, 17!!! and it takes dedication! if you get lots of subs and likes then you could make youtube your JOB! You could get PAID for posting videos everyday! SkyDoesMinecraft, has 9,500,000 subs. He worked for those. hes the 2nd most subscribed to person I’ve seen on YouTube EVER! He gets paid thousands of dollars a day! i’m just saying connor that YouTube is hard but if you work at it hard enough then you get great rewards afterwards. (I’m not saying YouTube has to be a job.)


    • Apologies for the late replies – it has been a hectic week (the subject of a future post). Fantastic advice here. Connor has had a look at your channel and likes it. The needing lots of videos has been the subject of a lot of discussion for us, as this is pretty difficult to manage unless it is your job, but totally agree that it is important.


      • Thx, I’m trying to get some MC on there but all I have is my ipod sooo… ya, I’m trying to keep my channel active though! even though its only FTL. 🙂 But I am serious though, a channel that you want to grow needs A LOT of videos. and they have to be good… so yeah, hope it helped!


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