Subjects: Programming – HTML, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby


Connor’s Thoughts:

I’ve been using Code Academy for a while to learn how to do some basic programming.  These days I’m trying to learn how to do a bit of basic Java Scripting.  The only problem I’m having with Code Academy is that sometimes it can be unclear about what it wants me to do.  Otherwise, I haven’t had any problem with this application.

My Thoughts:

There is currently a big push towards every child learning to code.  Even though I am a technologist through and through, I am not sure that I am fully committed to that concept.  I think that there are people who are that way inclined and others who are not.  I am actually not yet sure which side of that fence Connor falls on and that is a part of why we he is learning the basics.

He is currently learning HTML and Java.  HTML because it is a very basic language and useful if he wants to do something later that is web based.  Java because this is useful in a vast variety of situations, but most particularly because it will enable him to program Minecraft mods – a huge link to his passions.

Codecademy is completely free and the teaching is quite structured and thorough, but it seems to me that Connor is a little bored by the methods used, so we will also be looking into alternative methods of learning to code.

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