Dropped as Unsuitable

Below are some of the tools that we have tried and then moved on from because we found them unsuitable, rather than having just finished with them.

Original Entry

Subjects: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English

Website: www.Time4Learning.com

Connor’s Thoughts:

Time4learning is the learning tool that I by far spend most of my time on, which is ironic because I find these activities to be far easier than some of the other programs I use.

I’ve been getting quite irritated with how slow all the really annoying animations, cartoons etc are… they keep making it so much slower for me to do my work efficiently and I wish that they would just give me the information and get on with it.

 My Thoughts:
I am still reserving judgement on Time4Learning and we will persist with it for a little while longer – unless Connor really kicks up about it.
I have sat with him through a variety of subjects and do agree with him about all of the needless animations etc.  They are clearly doing these to try to engage children, however I think that it is more geared to slow learners, than gifted learners.  For Connor they are just childish and annoying and as you cannot progress until they finish each animation, voice-over etc in full, they create a large waste of his time – something that really annoys him (I can sympathize with that).
The actual information imparted is not bad, although it is in very small chunks at a time and pretty basic compared to what he normally deals with.  We had already bumped him up a year and compressed the full year curriculum into six months, but I suspect that we will try doing that again and see if it is more challenging, or we will look around for an alternative that is more aimed at gifted education and doesn’t treat him like an 8 year old and that provides a more challenging environment.

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