Subjects: Courses available cover just about every subject imaginable, with large numbers of new courses coming out constantly.

Website: www.edx.org

Connor’s Thoughts:

I have not really done that many Edx courses because they don’t have as many courses as Coursera that I’m really interested in. I personally prefer Coursera for formatting. I’ve always felt that Edx’s structure is just a bit messier.

Teacher-wise I have liked all of my lecturers so far, so I don’t have complaints for this section.

My Thoughts:

EDx is very similar to Coursera and also offers many fantastic courses, however due to the more limited number of universities offering courses via this platform we seem to find more of interest to us on Coursera, than on EDx.

Where EDx tends to excel is in computer science and general science course offerings and if you have a child a bit further into high school years or very much into science, then you will find a huge number of courses on offer here that will suit.

Whilst we do fewer EDx courses than Coursera courses, there is nearly always at least one course that we are currently doing or looking forward to doing and I suspect that as Connor gets a little further into his sciences studies that there will be an increasing number of courses that he will do here.  That said, as I write this we are currently doing an excellent history course here, as well as a computer science introductory course.


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