Subjects: Australian curriculum science (Currently only Yrs 7 & 8)


Connor’s Thoughts:

I have really enjoyed using Into Science so far but I’ve found an issue that could be a problem for other homeschoolers who use this. I’ve found that for the questions where you have to type an answer it doesn’t matter what you type or how much you type because often times I’m unsure whether I’ve gotten the correct answer but it just moves on.

Apart from this issue I have definitely been enjoying using this app. It explains the concepts that it’s trying to teach you very clearly.

My Thoughts:

We started using IntoScience pretty much as soon as we found it as Connor is a big fan of Mathletics and IntoScience is made by the same company.

I have been very impressed so far by what Connor has been doing and how the learning is presented – it is an excellent example of gamification of learning.  Often times it looks as if Connor is simply playing a game that he enjoys, however in talking to him about the concepts he has been learning in-game, the knowledge achieved becomes obvious.

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