Khan Academy

Subjects: Maths, History, Science (Chemistry, Biology etc), Finance and Economics, Programming


Connor’s Thoughts:

I’ve really enjoyed using Khan Academy because I personally believe that Salman Khan is an excellent teacher. I also really enjoy that Khan Academy uses some skills testing as these questions force me think out my answers because if they aren’t correct, I have to do it all over again.
I also like the Humanities section of Khan Academy. So far I have only really done World History but I’ve enjoyed it a lot and am sure that I will enjoy all the ones after World History.
I’ve done quite a broad range of the science activities that Khan Academy offers but I haven’t really gone too deeply into any of the fields. I’m still struggling to understand some of the concepts but I believe this to be because I haven’t studied too much science before.
I’ve earned quite a lot of Khan Academy points throughout the times I have used it, however I’ve never been quite sure what they do. I think that Khan Academy should add something you can do with points or perhaps Khan Academy could suggest what you could use these points for on the points page.

My Thoughts:

I think that Khan Academy is one of the most amazing educational resources ever built.

It is completely free.

It provides an excellent learning tree that lets students see what knowledge they have, and are perhaps missing, and guides them through this tree towards higher level subjects – giving a very clear picture of where they are heading and where they have come from.  This really helps to put the learning in context.

There is a broad range of subjects available, although I feel that Maths is the deepest of these.  All areas are constantly expanding.

Reporting to parents is good, although to be honest I wish that I could get a little more detail than I currently can.

The learning videos are simply without compare – Khan is an absolutely amazing teacher.  There is also an extensive range of exercises  available for most areas that helps to cement the learning and ensure that the learning is not just a passive video-watching exercise.


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