Subjects: Mathematics


Connor’s Thoughts:

Mathletics is by far the online learning program I have been using for the longest, as I’ve been using it since I was in Grade 1.

I’ve always thought that the activities were well thought out, but I would prefer it if Mathletics had a slightly better way of explaining the questions it asks, as sometimes I can be unsure of why my answer is incorrect.

I’ve always enjoyed using the live Mathletics section of Mathletics as I always like competing against other people. The good thing about this section is that it helps you to use the basic calculations you use in everyday life speedily.

I’ve also been a big fan of the points system that is used by Mathletics so you can customize your avatar.  The shop has a good variety of options and it always helps kids feel like they’ve accomplished something whenever they buy something within the shop (all using points earned from doing work – not real money).

 My Thoughts:
When Connor was first signed up to Mathletics at a fantastic little school he was at in Australia, I was very excited.  I was also totally shocked when we went to the information evening for parents on it and a number of parents refused to pay the $100 fee for it, stating that they did not believe that anything done on a computer could have educational value.  The program was almost cancelled because of this small but vocal group of mothers.  I was so glad that the Principal of the school stood up to them and insisted (and agreed that the school would pay for anyone in genuine financial difficulty).
It was a huge and instant hit at school and the kids all took to it like ducks to water.  They kept showing off their avatars and the interest in maths and their ability with maths all went up.  There was pretty much equal interest in it between the girls and boys in Connor’s class and as it was early days for Mathletics the school and a number of kids in the class regularly made the list of top performers in the world (harder to do now!).
I cannot stress enough how much Connor, and all of his friends strove to earn points to be able to improve their avatars and how desperately they wanted to earn the achievement Certificates and to get the Holy Grail – their name appearing on the front page of the Mathletics site as a global leader.
I am not at all surprised that Mathletics has achieved the success it has in such a relatively short time and highly recommend it to any parent homeschooling (or even not).

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